Rear projection tv- when i play my snes/ps1

Feb 21, 2010
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hi all,
I got a 52" LG rear projection tv (it uses guns not a lcd/dlp projector) and the colours are fine except when i play something in "low res" like my ps1 or my snes, the colours in the top left of the screen split like on oldskool 3d-i've gone into the menu and done a convergence setup that does a tiny bit- i've gone into service mode and tried a manual convergence-didn't work :( ..... BUT this part is weird ... when i switch to component RGB/ycbcr and turn on my xbox360 using the hd cable set to SD (tv has a max of like 420p or something) the colours are perfectly aligned.. well untill i use the ps1- but the funny thing is the colours are fine when there is no cd in the machine and its just sitting at the memcard/music player menu(if you have used a ps1 u know what i mean) right up until i play a game i've only got 1 ps1 game "MUSIC" by jester entertainment it could be the game thats stuffing it up?? i was about to buy new convergence chips, but it seems i might not have to.... or will i??

thanks in advance :)
btw: this tv is almost as wide as my gf's suv :p


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