Realtek Audio uses 50% CPU

Jan 5, 2012
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My CPU has been running at more than 50%. In windows task manager under Description it had Realtek Audio Device, under Image Name it had RtkNUGI64.exe and it was using 49-50% of the CPU. I checked on a few tech sites and read that it's a virus. After trying many different things over the last 4wks I finally deleted it. Now my CPU is at 2% (finally). I would like sound on my computer but not sure if I want Realtek again. I don't have any sound devices installed under sound now. When I purchased my new PC in October 2011, it came with it already installed but the problem didn't start till Dec. Can you recommend a different one or will I have to get a Realtek again?



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Oct 27, 2009
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You must have gotten the virus from a third-party source. I have used Realtek Audio for several years with no issues at all. Realtek is a highly reputable chipset maker and their products are very highly rated.

I would install the latest Realtek audio driver but prior to doing that, for your peace of mind, scan it with you AV software.

Go to: for the latest driver.

Download the ZIP version and then scan it, just to be on the safe side.

RtkNGUI64.exe is a legitimate Realtek Drivers and Software file, some versions of Realtek Drivers and Software have vulnerabilities. These security holes allow hackers to attack your computer and gain access to your financial and private data. That`s why it is important to check if you are running a vulnerable version of Realtek Drivers and Software

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