Print Spooler Failed to load a plug in module - Windows 7 with IE11 & Office 2003 only

Jan 12, 2015
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I have noticed a strange error in Event Viewer relating to printing, which only occurs when printing from IE11 or Office 2003.

Every time I print a document form either of those two programs two identical errors are produced in the Event Viewer as below:-

The print spooler failed to load a plug-in module C:\Windows\system32\spool\DRIVERS\x64\3\E_IUICHQE.DLL, error code 0xc1. See the event user data for context information.

The printer works fine - its not slow to start and all seems OK.

The printer is an Epson Stylus Photo PX730WD. It is connected wirelessly to a Belkin router. The computer has a wired connection to the router.

The printer works fine with networked laptops & even a wireless Samsung galaxy NOTE Tablet.

The above mentioned DLL file exists in the stated directory. It is an Application Extension For Epson Colour Printing System.

As stated above, these Error messages only occur when printing from IE11 or Office 2003 only (Microsoft software) - all other applications print without the error occurring.

As everything seems to be work OK, is there any way I can stop these errors from appearing ?

I have found other references to this with Google, but not found a solution anywhere.



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