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Jan 13, 2017
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Hi, I have tried multiple things this last week but nothing has worked.

Whenever I use a particular website I get pop ups. I noticed in the popups settings of chrome, in the allow list I have [*.]sample dot co dot uk that I cannot delete and cannot disable. If I google the problem I have tried everything suggested by all the sites on the first page of the search results. Even what google chrome has told me to do has not worked and they just stopped talking to me.

I have read different opinions on what it is and how dangerous it is. Including reformatting may not entirely solve the problem. I've read that my personal financial information is in danger also.

Should I buy a new laptop? I had this laptop reformatted just a few months ago. Its an Asus X53E core i5.



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May 10, 2010
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Chrome does not come with Windows 7; it is software that is downloaded and installed. Therefore I moved this thread to the Software forum because it is not a Windows 7 issue.

Normally you simply hit the X at the end of the exception line you want to delete. You could also try changing the behavior from allow to deny. But you also might have adware or a virus that is disregarding the popup blocker and/or protecting that exception.

If Chrome is not working the way you think it should then before buying a new laptop or reformatting the current one you might just try uninstalling chrome and then reinstalling it or even using/installing a different browser.

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