Partition HP Probook harddisk into C and D drives


Feb 10, 2012
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I have a new HP Probook. Its 500 GB harddisk is mainly partitioned into a C drive. I say "mainly" because it has small partitions of one to ten GB for recovery and system tools.

The C drive is more than 450 GB. I would like to partition it into about 120 GB for C and the rest for D but there are non-movable files on the drive that prevent me from doing so. The best I can do is partition into about two equally divided drives.

The DVD that comes with the laptop only install a image which, I think, is the same as what is on the harddisk now. If I use a utility to re-format and partition the drive into two, I doubt the DVD would work.

Anyway to do what I want to do and still be able to install the original softwares? Thanks.

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