OS doesn't start right.

Nov 9, 2015
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I have Windows 7 Home Premium on my computer and back in October I started having problems when I turned the machine on in the morning. Turn it on, no start. Just the motherboard flash screen then a few seconds of the Welcome screen. After that it goes black and stays that way. I restart it and the number of times that is required before it actually starts varies. I started keeping a log of the number of restarts required. There there are two numbers those are the days I had to shut the computer down to leave home for several hours.

10/22 2
10/23 1
10/24 2
10/25 3
10/26 2
10/27 2
10/28 2
10/29 4
10/30 4
10/31 3
11/01 3
11/02 2
11/03 4, 6
11/04 5
11/05 3
11/06 3
11/07 5
11/08 6
11/09 6, 11

Is this something in the Windows 7 program or is my monitor going bad on me? Any help fixing this problem would be extremely welcome.


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