one network, 2 security types, possible?


Feb 10, 2012
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Can one network (router) have two different security types? For example, one computer connects to the router using WPA2, another WEP?

I have two computers, A and B, on a network. In the Network and Sharing Center, I click "Connect to a Network" and move the cursor to the network, a small window pops up showing some settings of the network. Among which are SSID, signal strength, security type.

When I do this on computer A, it shows a security type of WPA2. When I do this on computer B, it shows WEP. How can this be? I log on the router and look at the security setting. It is set to WPA2.

B cannot connect to the router. I manually set up the network connection by entering network name, security type and password. But it can never connect to the router. An error message says something like the security data stored on the computer doesn't match the settings on the router.

Why does B think router setting is WEP when it actually is WPA2? How do I rectify the problem so B can connect? Thanks.


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