Nvidia driver problems

May 20, 2013
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Hey there, I recently got a acer apsire 5830tg with an nvidia gt520m. When I tried to install the driver it said I needed to install an intel driver first. Which I did. Then I installed the driver and it's showing up in device manager, but I still can't play any games. It's coming up with errors like "Hardware acceleration may be disabled". Other games just crash with no errors. My specs are:

Intel i5-2400m processor, 4GB of ram, nvidia GeForce gt520m, 2.50ghz CPU, 64-bit Win7.


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May 10, 2010
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Are you sure you have all the drivers installed? If there are any warning icons in device manager you may have missing drivers for the CHIPSET etc that could be a problem.

If you go to ACER there are three different VGA video drivers, since you said NVidia I can rule out the Intel but you should be using either:
NVIDIA VGA Driver 262.0 MB 2011/04/15 Download
NVIDIA VGA Driver (Physx) 9.10.0514 24.6 MB 2011/04/15 Download

If that doesn't work and your computer is still under warranty then I suggest you contact ACER. There is no reason I can think of that a computer with that amount of power should have hardware acceleration disabled.

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