Now WindowsMail wont work.



Look, if Windows Mail was INTENDED to work with Win7 it would have been
INCLUDED with Win7. So as it WASN'T included with Win7, isn't supported
in that OS, it "ain't" gonna work very well or at all in Win7. How is it
so hard for you to figure that out? Give it up and just either
suck-it-up and install WLM OR a third party SUPERIOR email client, such
as THUNDERBIRD, and get over it. What the hell is the big deal with
Windows Mail that was ONLY designed for Vista and inferior to boot? It's
JUST EMAIL, MOVE ON! ..Do something different! But quit bitching about
getting Windows Mail that was designed for Vista ONLY, working
reliability in Win7! (Without tweeks and constant tinkering!) Adapt for
Christ's sakes and install a superior 3rd party email client.
Good-God-A-Mighty! Sheesh! You bitch, whine, and complain about an email
client that was NEVER intended for Win7, so should not be expected to
work with it reliably, which obviously it doesn't. G-I-V-E, I-T, U-P!
You want support from not only HP but MS, for a product that was ONLY
intended for Vista, but now forced by you into Win7. Ya ain't gonna get
it, cuz it was NEVER intended for Win7. Get it? Get it? Get it? If not,
please package your computer up in the original packaging, and send it
back from where you got it, as you have NO business owning one at this
point anyway. I know people I have felt were six times as ignorant as
yourself, yet they could still grasp the simple concept that if the
software wasn't designed for the OS they were running, chances are, it
will never work reliably or at all! So what's your excuse?

WLM bloated compared to Windows Mail, Outlook?? Really? How so? I use
WLM on 6 machines including in a virtual machine within Linux, and
hardly find it "bloated." Please explain further how it is so bloated,
and how it just doesn't work.(?) I haven't bothered with Live
Essentials, and if I did, then I could see bloat perhaps, but not with
WLM stand-alone. Nope, you're barking up the wrong tree there.


Actually I haven't bothered to read most of your post(s) and post-backs
to me here, as having seen your massive ridicules posts in this news
group, is at best insane. (Valorie *~) As I see it, I'm not only wasting
key-strokes on such ignorance, but as well at my place of business
dealing with complete moronic customers, morons here and there are just
that, MORONS, and cannot be educated no matter how hard one tries. Even
when tying to educate, the morons will argue with the very answer they
are seeking and have received. ..Thus reinforcing their very well
established Moron status. They will call you names, because they are too
stupid, and have no other intelligent recourse. ..Geek, MS-heads and the
like. How sad that YOU are so stupid, and choose to argue with lucid,
and good advice. (or ignore) Shame on you, get outta here and blow-up
you computer, as you have NO business owning one. Win7 is NOT that
complicated. I did the testing all the way through to it's final
release, and NEVER had the alleged problems you report, including up to
today. I strongly feel it is YOUR faults that cause most of your
problems. AGAIN, about the mail bit.. QUIT trying to make Windows Mail
work in Win7! It just wasn't meant to be!! Good God, let it be and move
on.. You remind me of people who haven't been able to accept anything
after Win3.1, or DOS even. Lord-A-Mighty, things change, either grasp it
or not but don't bitch, and quit trying to make something work in Win7,
or ANY other OS, that wasn't meant to work! MOVE ON!





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