Network driver keeps vanishing..... 2 profiles with same programmes problem.

Jan 7, 2010
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Mildly annoying problem, cant find much on google either...

Basically on my PC there are two profiles, I set up my one with all my fav programmes, the other one was being set up yesterday and whenever the same programme is installed that I already have on my profile I lose internet connection and 'Network driver is missing' error message.

Then I do a system restore and its back again! Only just now I had the same error message without downloading a duplicate programme on the second profile...

Anyone ever had a problem like this before?

Currently second profile can not have google chrome, photoshop, office, 7zip (etc) because if they are installed then the 'network driver goes missing'... Which makes zero sense to me.

Also my flatmate said he tried just creating shortcuts from the installed programmes on my profile and got the same error.

Any help appreciated!


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