Need help/advice on files that will not open

May 18, 2013
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Running Win 7 Pro on a Dell desktop. Just went to my Genealogy Folder which I keep on the desktop. It contains multiple folders with multiple text files ( .rtf. etc), image files and browser links that are suddenly blank. I am able to click on the folders and open them but when I try to open files contained in them they appear, but are blank. I have no idea how or why these file contents were removed. I have Norton Security Suite and been running for many years without any issues eCleaner, Advanced System Care, Malwarebytes weekly and Revo uninstaller as needed and UltraDefrag monthly. Unclear what is responsible for this issue which appears to only affect the Genealogy folder and its sub folders and files?

Is there any possible way to determine what caused the problem and what if anything can be done to resolve the issue? I do have a backup on a thumb drive and have the option of copying it back to drive C. but have learned that copying many of the files is impossible because of their length and shortening them is an impossible task because of the large number involved and lose many files in the process.


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