My PC Performance (positive thread)

Mar 8, 2009
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Keep in mind this is all speculation and I have no evidence to support what could be considered as a factual claim. However my observations have been from using three different systems and a variety of upgrades with those three systems. All three systems were running Windows 7 64-bit (Home Premium & current system running Professional) have been configured with very few applications loading at startup.

I've been noticing here lately my memory usage stats have been lower than usual. I've reported in the past that my PC usage stats while idling would be around 1.25GB to 1.4GB. I've also noticed a trend with memory usage climbing when I install more memory in the system. Whenever I upgraded memory, memory usage always seemed to climb just a tad. Even though it wasn't much, I never could place a finger on why this has happened.

Several months ago I decided to disable my Pagefile, seeing how I had 8GB and was rarely using 4GB at any one time. Now I am seeing memory usage down around 1.15GB consistently. It would seem Pagefile usage would also contribute to memory usage.


Regardless of what reduced my memory usage, I'm happy with the results.


While Windows Experience Index is not a good way to benchmark a system, I still look at the scores as a general guide. However once you pass a certain point on the scale there really is too much of a performance difference between WEI points. Three years ago I was dreaming of having a system that scored 5 on the WEI charts. LOL, look at my score now sitting at 7.2. Never satisfied, next stop is a GPU replacement sometime in the future.



No longer shovelling
Mar 30, 2009
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You must have upgraded your hard drive too. SSD?

As for the memory question, I think resources would be used but how much I don't know.

I just decided to look at my performance and my page file is on and set at 8GB. I'm on FF and nothing else running and it was showing 1.10GB usage. I remembered this computer is set for performance so I flipped on aero and it only went up to 1.15GB.

And I just looked at my C2Q (with 8 GB ram) and it was using 1.5 GB while working on an smp unit. When it finished went down to 1.45GB. That begs the question does hyper-threading or the speed of the processor help the memory allocation?

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