Multiple Networks / No Internet Access

Sep 22, 2012
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We have recently moved and changed Internet providers, I have the same computer (HP XPS15z) and same router (Aztech HW550-3G) but for some reason I cannot connect to the Internet.

The iPads, phones and house mates Apple Mac connects with out and problems however the work laptops and my laptop all on windows 7 do not connect to the Internet.

I have 2 concerns, when I go in to network and sharing center it states I have multiple connections, one unidentified network and my home network, both have no Internet connection.

I have tried ipconfig, it returns the following:

IPv4 Address:
If I ping the IP I get 4 sent & 4 received, 0% loss.

I'm massively frustrated and confused of how the others connect but the machines with windows 7 installed do not, can anyone please advise?



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