Shortcut to Desktop Context menu item

Feb 16, 2015
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I run Windows 7 pro.
My Desktop Icons / shortcuts are arranged in a custom way.

When I boot or come out of sleep, invariably, they have become re-arranged into a rectilinear block to left of the Desktop.

I use Jamie O'Connell's Desktop Restore to recover their positions, which works well -
(right click on Desktop then select 'Restore Desktop')

It would be nice however if Desktop Restore ran automatically at boot or recovery from sleep, but this requires 2 basic elements to work.
1. A way to isolate the function which the Context Menu triggers (presumably buried somewhere in Windows/System 32,
2. Putting this function into the Start Menu/Startup.

The last bit I can probably do, but the first is beyond me.

Am I expecting the impossible, of is this proposition feasible


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