Major Graphics and Crashing errors

Dec 9, 2014
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Have got my uncles Pc here which is just over a year old, On startup there are icons missing and others just have fine lines through them then when i open up a webpage it is distorted for fun (i will post some pics ) When i try opening any programmes they are crashing straight away Tried installing a graphics card this made the problem 10 times worse Tried a format with the same results, also tried re installing the display drivers nothing has worked

Have also tried running Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool it wont even run

any help on this would be appreciated

gigabyte GA-H61-S2-B3 board
Intel i5 2500k 3.60 Ghz Processor
4gb Corsair Ram
Windows 7 Professional x64



Mar 1, 2012
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Please do the following:

    1. Download and run TDSSKiller.
      1. Accept the "End User License Agreement"
      2. Accept the "KSN Statement"
      3. Select "Change Parameters" and Select:
        • Verify file digital signatures
        • Detect TDLFS file system
        • Use KSN to scan objects
      4. When the scan is complete the log file is in C:\ It will have a name like "TDSSKiller."
    2. Install Malwarebytes (Free Version)
      1. Select "Threat Scan"
      2. When it is completed, please upload the log file from: C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes\Malwarebytes Anti-Malware\Logs
    3. Please download and run Windows Defender Offline.
      1. Click "Next"
      2. Click "I Accept"
      3. Select Either: (Typically it is either CD/DVD or USB)
        • CD or DVD
        • USB
        • ISO file
      4. Cllick "Next"
      5. It will create a CD / DVD / USB and will boot and scan your hard drive offline.
    4. Download hwInfo and run it.
      • Click on "Save Report"
      • Make sure the Export Format is HTML
      • Click "Browse" and select your "Desktop"
      • Give the file a name like MyComputer or your Forum username.
      • Click on Save
      • Click on "Next".
      • Click on "Finish"
      • Put the newly created MyComputer.html (Or what ever you decided to call it) in to a zip file and upload it to the forum.

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