IE11 max resolution 1920x1088

Nov 4, 2019
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I've been trying to fix a problem for ages now and came across a post on another forum that mentions a limitation in IE11 and Windows 7, where the maximum resolution supported is 1920x1088 for H264 codec. I've written a HTML5 page which uses the <video> tag to play a MP4 video. Problem is I have to support a system that is 4 screens mounted in portrait so the actual desktop resolution is 4320x1920 (1080 x 4). The video won't play.
All our newer system run on Windows 10 and the limitation doesn't occur on these machines - Windows 10 does seem to support larger videos. Unfortunately I have to be able to support the old Windows 7 machines too until they get swapped out sometime in the future.
This is an old Windows 7/IE11/H264 problem and I'm just wondering if anyone has found a way to make the IE webbrowser control play a video that is greater than 1920x1088 pixels?

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