How to use registry disable/change that

Jul 25, 2020
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I am trouble, use Win7 SP1. if via registry to set:

(1) that (notepad), is it possible when save file (default: ANSI to Unicode)

(2) that (recycle bin), I have many HDD device's insert my computer, is it possible, all drive set (Permanently Delete Files), Globe set(Permanently Delete Files),possible?
and \$RECYCLE.BIN , is it possible NEVER create that folder?

(3) \System Volume Information, is it possible NEVER create, ?

(4) cmd, run as administrator , is it possible set Default. ? and some APP, if I need set default = run as administrator, possible?

(5) who is (TI. TrustedInstaller) is it power right than administrator? If have administrator right, is it upgrade to( TI right?

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