How to generate a System Event when a program hangs

Jan 7, 2016
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Greetings all -

Win7/64Pro Question

I am looking for a short term solution for automatic intervention. Longer term is to address the stability issue within a specific custom application.

There is a two computer setup, where a custom interactive application lives on each PC, and interacts through a asynchronous server application installed on one of the two PC's. A particular application installed in a kiosk with touch screen, occasionally hangs. The visual results are the on screen animation stops, yet everything all continues to work between both PC's.

Without interacting with the application, I can bring up the Task Manager, and see the the application is not responding from the [Applications] tab. I can also see the application is not responding from the [CPU] tab of the resource monitor.

Once I touch / interact with the hung application, I get a dialog box, asking me to either close the app or wait longer for it to respond. When you select close, the application closes, and an EVENT is generated. I currently use this EVENT [Application / "Application Hang" / ID:1002] to trigger a reboot scripts for both machines. This process still requires the manual action of someone pressing the close button on the hung process. I would like the reboot sequence to happen automatically, once the application hangs.

Finally... My Question:
1. Is there a way to generate an EVENT (that I can trigger on) when an application hangs or is not responding. I am currently looking through the local group policy editor, but have yet to find anything.

2. If I can generate an EVENT from a hung application (as in Q1), can I specify which application to monitor for such a state?

Thank in advance

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