how to enable the service software to run the script in win7

Oct 28, 2014
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I run our software on the win7, and write a script, the script is used to telnet to the other computer and shut down the remote unix system

I found that if our software run as a service ("local service" users) to execute the script , the execution failed. If the software run as ordinary users (such as login user "Jones") to execute the script, it can be successfully landed and shut down the unix.

I checked the reason, it should be the "local service" authority is too low, I want to enhance the software permission, so I select our software service properties, click the "log on" item , select "this account ",and then enter the Jones username and the password.

After restarting the system,I check the processes in task list, the software users are Jones (it was "System" ago), but the execution still fails.. I suspect that although I modify the service account, but actually running level is still the "local service" users

so, how to enhance the software service execution level or how to enable the service software to run the script in win7


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