How To Disable Toolbar Popups - Not Taskbar

Aug 14, 2012
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Windows 7 Pro

I've created a new toolbar populated with favorite applications.
When the mouse passes over one of the icons I get a description of the application.
Clearing the comment line under properties of the icon only forces the popup to show the name given to the icon.
I've tried all the common tweaks in the registry:
EnableBalloonTips 0x00000000
FolderContentsInfoTip 0x00000000
ShowInfoTip 0x00000000
StartButtonBalloonTip 0x00000000

The above are set in both Local Machine and Current User.
The result is no popup balloons anywhere EXCEPT in the toolbar.
I'm not talking about taskbars.

Right clicking on an icon going to properties shows a space to add a comment. If I put in one space only I get a much smaller popup but it's still there taunting me.

And I've tried TweakUI Windows 7. There seems to be less options in there than older TweakUI utilities. Anyway, no help there either.

Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

I know it can be done since I found a way to do it in XP but I didn't document it. (color me dummy)

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