How to delete windows admin user folder??

Mar 15, 2011
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Ok so i have this problem. I had a problem with my admin account last night. When i tried to login it said that that the user profile could not be loaded. So i logged into the built in admin account and deleted that profile and created a new admin account. Now when i login to my new account, in c:/users, the old profile folder is still there. And i cannot delete it even through the default admin profile. It says that i need an admin account to delete it. All the files and evrything are still in that folder. How should i delete it completely??


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May 10, 2010
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Make sure you are logged on as an administrator.
Download and install Take Ownership.
Open Windows Explorer and find C:\Users\TheAccount2Delete.
Right-click and choose the Take Ownership option.
A script will run for as long as 15-20minutes granting you access to every file and folder under that path.
When it completes right-click & delete.

If you delete the wrong account you could totally screw up your system so Be Careful.

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