How to ask for assistance with BSOD alleviation

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Nov 30, 2009
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Hello everyone. The part of the forum is to have your BSOD crash minidumps analyzed so you may be able to receive helpful instructions on how to alleviate them. For now, all that is needed to submit your request is to create a new thread stating briefly any relevant information that you feel will be helpful to know along with your crash dumps.

Knowing your motherboard model is very helpful here. You can use CPU-Z if you aren't sure, to find out which it is.

To post your crash dumps, please go to C:\Windows\Minidump and copy the files in there to any other folder on the machine. Then zip or rar the files and attach the compressed file to your post using the paperclip above where you type.

Windows 7 has built-in zipping abilities. All you have to do is highlight the file(s), right click them and choose "send to" and then "Compressed (zip) folder".

I look forward to building this section in popularity with the help of this wonderful site and hopefully other bsod analysts as well. If it gets very busy, I will for sure ask for assistance here.

I'm a self taught expert in Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. Considering that, I have learned many helpful things from the likes of Usasma, H2S04 and JCGriff2, in no particular order. Cheers to them! And cheers to the cool people that run this forum as well!

Let's get to fixing stuff!
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