How can I get my screensaver to work?

Dec 31, 2012
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I've been having the same problem with Windows 7 as in THIS thread. My screensaver does not come on. It seems that everybody who asks for assistance in this matter is told that they don't need a screensaver. I find it ridiculous that a person can't ask for help without being told what's best for him. Obviously, we want the f***ing screensaver and if you can't provide us with information as to how to make it work, then don't post anything at all. It's fascinating to be told that screensavers use a lot of energy, but hardly relevant to the question.

Windows Vista allowed you to have the screensaver on for a certain length of time before going into hibernation. This provided those of us who like to view our photos during idle moments with the best of both worlds.

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May 10, 2010
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There are some programs that purposely block the screensaver. Most commonly apps that play video. You don't want to be watching a movie and the screensaver pop on.

If you go to Control Panel > Personalization, how long is the screen saver to wait before display?

Now if you go to Control Panel > Power Options. Go to "Change Plan Settings" for the active power level you use. Set "Turn off Display" to never or at least 10 minutes greater than when your screen saver should come on. Also make sure sleep is set greater also.

Go into Change advanced power settings.
-you may want to require a password on wakeup
-make sure the hard disk does not turn off until at least when you scheduled sleep
-Go down to the sleep section and make sure sleep and hibernate settings are beyond the screensaver timing.
-Again in advanced power settings, make sure Display is set to turn off never or at least greater than your screensaver

I'm not sure if you should have to reboot but it might be a good idea. Then, set your screensaver to activate in 1 minute, make sure windows media center is not open, an simply let your computer sit a couple minutes.

Please let me know if your screensaver works now?



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Apr 7, 2010
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The screen saver/sleep features have caused heartburn for years and sadly, even Microsoft has problems. I note the Spider solitaire game that comes with Windows 7. When you win, there's a little fireworks display of congratulations. If I leave the computer after winning, but leave the fireworks running, my machine will never go to sleep. Very frustrating and I cannot tell if it is the fireworks display, or the fireworks sounds causing the problem.

The problem with using your own photos - especially if you cycle through several photos is you leave the gallery program running - and a running program can keep Windows and your computer awake.

If still having problems after the above suggestions, check out the Microsoft Fixit, A screen saver that displays pictures stops working in Windows.

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