Nov 18, 2014
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i was cleaning my tv and bent the hdmi cable now i can't get the tv to get a signal from my computer. I have a HP pavilion g7-1279dx notebook PC running windows 7 home premium. software was preloaded. (history) after bending the cable i bought a new cable used another computer and tv to check it out the cable is ok, i started to have problems with windows soon after that so i went to HP and ordered the three disc RESTORE set loaded them and did all the updated from windows and hp and intel seems to work fine now but still get no signal on hdmi 2 or hdmi 1.I have a Samsung LCD tv with two hdmi ports.I talked to Samsung they said that either hdmi port should work when I bent the cable it was on the TV side not the computer. I have followed a lot of threads on hdmi, tried to turn off TV unplug both hdmi ends unplugged the TV rebooted computer plugged everything back in still no signal. Whent to windows mobility center set to extend gone to intel graphic extend display. My computer is set at 1360x760 resolution which is optimal setting for the Samsung set and 60 hz. When i go to sound i only show intel nothing for hdmi at all so i can't change default. when i right click on main screen and click screen resolution it shows 1 mobile pc display it shows 1360x768 and extend display when i click on display 2 it shows it shows the same resolution and extend but it shows display device on vga. most of the threads i have read say that either amd or it
something should be displayed at top with hdmi on sound and playback i show nothing.can you help. (please) I had another computer here and checked the tv the cable and the tv worked fine does anybody know what program automatically switches to hdmi i must have a bad driver?
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