May 12, 2012
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This driver comes from Pixart, Taiwan, and is used with a number of digital camera and endoscope devices. It can cause a BSOD when run with Windows 7-32 and -64 bit. Here's what I found.

On both versions of Win7, the driver seems to install correctly, and Device Manager reports that the device is working correctly. However, when the camera is selected to stream video to an application, within about 2 seconds the system crashes with a BAD_POOL_HEADER message. Initially I thought it was related to running Win7-32 on an AMD64 cpu, and it all seemed to work once Win7-64 was installed.

The problem is that GUCI_AVS.SYS requires a second driver, PAUVCFLT.SYS, to be installed. This is normally included with the OEM installer kit which includes 32 and 64 bit SYS files. If you attempt to manually install using DPINST and GUCI_AVS.INF, the install completes, but the crash occurs. The PAUVCFLT.INF file and its .CAT file have to be present as well.

I've tested the driver install on Win 7-32 and -64, with Intel and AMD64 cpus, and found no problems once both .SYS files were correctly installed.

More information is here


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