GRUB4DOS Booting Problem

Nov 22, 2015
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My thanks to those who took a moment to read this post.

While clearing out a wave of viruses in my LENOVO G470 running Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit, I may have deleted an important systemfile or two. When I restarted the laptop, it does not boot into Windows and instead goes to the infamous GRUB4DOS red screen of death.

Before you ask, I am using a genuine Windows copy which came together with the laptop's purchase.

It's been a long time since I bought the pc and I'm afraid I have lost the windows disc that was in the packaging.

Can anyone provide aid to this mess?

EDIT : I'm considering of just grabbing a new machine. However, is it possible for me to recover the hard drive from the G470? It contains a multitude of vital files and I wish to somehow transfer them to a new laptop once I get it.
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