Can't clik on any icons on desktop upon booting up, works in safe mode

Sep 5, 2016
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Can't clik on any icons on desktop upon booting up, works in safe mode
My HP laptop with Intel I 7 chip is running Windows 7 64 bit. The computer fan was racing and I was getting critical errors with the core temp approaching 210 degrees on cores 3, then 4, then 1. I ran anti Malwarebytes and it found 13 adwares which I removed. Upon restarting when I tried to clik on any icons on my desktop or in my taskbar nothing happened. I tried rebooting but this did not fix the issue. I tried several attempts of system restore and sometimes would get a black screen after restarting. I undid the system restore and in safe mode tried to find Windows errors but it said it found none.
What is causing this and how can I fix this without doing a full System recovery.

Another Windows Forum member said this:

Sounds like either a Virus caused this or the User Account is corrupted.

First, let's try cleaning your system.

Download JRT, Save As, to Desktop. But, since the Desktop Icons are inactive, just run the tool at the first chance.
Malwarebytes Junkremoval tool

Download AWCleaner, Save As, to Desktop. But, since the Desktop Icons are inactive, just run the tool at the first chance.

Download CCleaner, to help clean your system.

Run System File Checker
SFC /Scannow System Checker

Still doesn't work, the next step is to create a new user profile.

I think that's a virus (Still in the PC) or Corrupt User

My suggestion
1) Run Malwarebytes and make another scan (Maybe it find more
2) Try making a new user and see if you can click any icon if it work

Ok I followed everything above in Safe Mode with Networking Prompt. I then created a new User Account but upon booting up and cliking on the new User Account it just was a solid light blue screen and even let it run for over 10 minutes but nothing happened. After using the tools recommended when I try to reboot in normal mode the original user profile that I saw all the desktop icons now will only get to the point of the light blue screen indicating Welcome and it just hangs at that point. So it appears that whatever files have been corrupted in starting up are even more so with cleaning up the computer. But I could be way off base since I don't understand what is going on

I'll try to run a virus scan with ESET Online Scanner and will then try to bootup again in Normal mode and update this thread.

It wouldn't let me clik on Scan Now in ESET Online Scanner in Safe Mode with Networking. I tried to download the software with a free trial but it failed as it couldn't access the Windows Installer in Safe Mode with Networking. So I haven't been able to do a virus scan.

As a result of cleaning the computer, now the bootup only makes it in Normal mode with a Welcome and a spinning donut.

So I'll await any new suggestions on what we should try next to figure out the issue.
It appears everything is working in Safe Mode so something is preventing it from loading in Normal bootup mode from my at best basic knowledge of computers.


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May 10, 2010
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First off adware is rarely a virus, it's just software that also is known to show ads, so don't use that as a flag you are infected.

The main part of CCleaner does not solve computer problems (Cleaner & Registry Cleaner). It's a good program but it's not something you run in the middle of a problem and expect it to help. The only thing you might do is check the Tools > startup to see if an unusual program such as a virus is in your bootup.

What I would do is a full virus scan, preferably in safe mode if your AV supports that. Then in safe mode go to System Restore. Restore your computer to a restore point prior to the problem.

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