Google Image Search Malfunction

Nov 22, 2009
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I have Windows 7 Home Premium, 64-bit, and use IE 11 with Google as my default search engine. I've always set Google for; no instant results, 100 results per page, and to open each selected result in a new browser window. When I search for images, many pages of images will follow. Then, if I click on an image, it opens a bit larger for preview so I can go to that page, if desired. That behavior recently changed. Now, if I click on an image a few pages from the top, that larger screen does open (as normal), but the view jumps back to the top of the search page. I have to scroll back down several pages to find the desired image. I tried cleaning out IE temp files, and cookies. When that didn't help, I did a general cleanup. Still no joy, so I reset Internet Explorer to default settings. When that didn't fix the problem, I ran system restore to a time before this problem started. None of those actions resolved the problem. Please help.

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