flash drive not recognized

May 24, 2023
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*General Dynamics Itronix-PC GObook-VR-2 64bit
*Intel Core 2 Duo CPU Memory 4.00 GB T7500 @ 2200 GHz
*Windows 7 Professional Aero
*checking for unreported problems -- nothing
*Universal Serial Bus Controller; Intel ICH8 Family USB 2830 to 2836 +283A and six USB Root Hubs
*Select device to add: (didn't find the plugged-in flash drive) and additional support options provided nothing useful
*System Restore didn't work (back to TotalAV) -- recceived notice that "didn't complete successfully"; no other Restore Point was indicated.
*Hardware and Devices: Resolving problems: problem with Lexmark x422 (nothing changed);problem with drive for Toredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface (again, initiated, but nothing changed); driver for PCI Simple Communicators is not installed (no change); PerfLogs-Admin is empty
*Analyzed & defragmented -- made no difference.
*PROBLEMS: won't recognize flashdrive when attached; will download internet items, but WON'T sent out email.
Dec 19, 2022
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Based on the information you provided, it seems you are experiencing several issues with your General Dynamics Itronix-PC GObook-VR-2 running Windows 7 Professional Aero. Let's address each problem individually:

  1. Flash drive recognition: Ensure that the flash drive is properly inserted into a functional USB port. If it still doesn't get recognized, try using a different USB port or test the flash drive on another computer to determine if the issue lies with the drive or your PC's USB ports.
  2. Email sending issue: Check your email settings, including the SMTP server and port configuration, to ensure they are correctly set up. Verify that your email account credentials (username and password) are entered correctly. If the issue persists, try using an alternative email client or contact your email service provider for further assistance.
  3. Lexmark x422, Toredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface, and PCI Simple Communicators: These are driver-related issues. Visit the official website of your PC manufacturer or the respective hardware manufacturers to download and install the latest drivers for these devices. Make sure to select the appropriate drivers for your specific model and operating system.
  4. System Restore failure: If the System Restore didn't complete successfully, it might be due to a lack of available restore points or system file corruption. You can try performing a clean boot and then attempting System Restore again. If the issue persists, you may need to consider other troubleshooting options or seek assistance from a professional technician.
If these steps don't resolve the problems, it's recommended to consult with a computer technician who can provide hands-on assistance and diagnose any hardware or software issues specific to your system.

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