Firefox 9 “First Taste” Available for Download


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Aug 18, 2011
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Early adopters looking to get the first taste of Firefox 9 can now do just that, provided that they’re ready to download and test a very early development milestone of the open source browser. Mozilla has started serving a Nightly release of Firefox 9, an equivalent of a pre-alpha Build, if you will. Having launched Firefox 6 Final officially earlier this week, the open source browser vendor moved onward to developing not just the next version of Firefox, but the additional two following that.



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Jul 20, 2009
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The text is just a bit misleading on Softpedia. The bottom download link, showing FF for Windows and Mac and Linux, leads to the Ver 8, (Windows) or less, according to your platform., not 9.
However, the FTP nightly link will take you to the possibility of downloading a 64Bit of Ver 8, and, so far, up to 9 for a 32Bit. Both, on a very short test, seem to be quite stable, but, at this stage, no mind blowing changes from earlier versions. But keep in mind this is an FTP site and the builds can be changed hourly, if needed, and there is no guarantee of stability.

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