file access permissions for multi-user pcs - which win7?

Nov 8, 2009
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sorry if this has already been asked (I couldn't find anything similar in my forum search).

We have several pcs at home that are used by several people, each having their own username with which to login to the system. We found that winXP home did not provide adequate file/folder permissions to allow us to protect and alternatively share our files with the other users of the pc, so had to install winXP professional which did provide the appropriate security. (for example, we want to be able to say file x.doc can be read by user A, but modifed by users B and C, and user D has full control over it)

My question is... in upgrading to windows 7, do we need to buy win7 professional to have similar file security as winXP pro, or is the level of security we require available in win7 home premium?

many thanks (in advance)


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