Failing to restart

Feb 1, 2016
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So there is always always a problem when I try to downgrade to an older version or even newer. Last night I wanted to go back to Win 7 ultiamte 64 bit, I used Rufus to mount in the ISO into my formated USB 16gb. I had NTFS filesystem and partition scheme was MBR partition scheme for bios or UEFI computers. When I was going to install I did it from settings in win 10 and then I chose UEFI CD/DVD. So then I came to the installation itself! After everything was done and it tries to restart for the first time I get this message up, see the picture imgur pic.

It says /efi/microsoft/boot/bcd as an error. I don't know If I should change the secure boot options or the legacy mode or the efi/UEFI settings??? I have tried everything, to repair, or even go back or even upgrade but I am completely stuck, and always get this message. What to do? When I click ESC I get to the menus where I can chose some options. I can't really click f2 or f8 or some other F options to get to the bios/boot menu becuase I did never get any of these option when I started my computer before either. Now when I get the error message I have to click ESC to come to the menu. And then I came to the troubleshoot menu.

But I mean should I try to change the legacy mode or secure boot or EFI/UEFI settings or what?




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