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Apr 26, 2011
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Hi, I am new to the forum, so I hope my thread is applicable.

I have got Win 7 32bit installed, on an i5-2500 and a Gigabyte motherboard, with 4Mb of RAM and an Nvidia GeForce 9500 graphics card, with two 23" LG monitors, one on the VGA port and the other on the DVI port. I have a UPS powering my PC and my large format printer. The UPS doesn't have enough capacity to also power my displays. It is really there so that a drawing from Autocad can be completed, which normally takes only 4-5 minutes to print, whereas the UPS lasts ±15minutes.

I Use Autocad (amongst others), and i have set up my displays so that my primary screen is my drawing area, and all my toolbars, option lists, palettes, etc are displayed on the secondary display. MS Outlook is also set up to show on the secondary display.

My problem is that everytime there is a power outage, everything that was displayed on the secondary screen, re-appears on the primary display, and I have to then move everything back. I have googled this problem, and also searched the Autocad forums, but no success. However, it affects everything displayed on the secondary screen, so I would suspect it has something to do with Windows.

Is there not a way to save these settings so that everything reverts to normal when the power is restored.

Thanks in advance.



Post Quinquagenarian
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Apr 7, 2010
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My problem is that everytime there is a power outage,
Then it seems obvious to me your UPS is failing, or underrated for your setup. If you are connected to a suitable and "good" UPS with AVR (automatic voltage regulation), then except for the UPS beeping, you should not notice any power problems on your monitors when the power goes out, or if there is a power anomaly.

Understand printers are not typically put on UPS and laser printers should never go on a UPS - except perhaps, a facility UPS, or a dedicated UPS for itself.

So, from here it looks like you need to do two things. Take your printer off the UPS, and then get a decent multi-monitor utility. I can't live without two monitors, don't know how I ever did. I also can't live without UltraMon – not free, but worth it (see also the free DisplayFusion).

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