Disable Startup Applications


Oct 17, 2008
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Over time, it is inevitable that your system will accumulate many applications that start to load every time you boot your PC. Many of these you will need or want, such as anti-virus protection, however there are many useless applications which start to slow the system down every time you boot your PC.

However, there is a very easy tool that you can use to check and prevent this from happening.

Type in msconfig in to the start menu or run box and load this utility. Once it has appeared, please click on the startup tab:

You will now see a list of applications that start each time your computer boots. Unticking each row will prevent it from loading the next time you boot your PC, once you've clicked "ok". You may need to research each entry on this list before removing it, as some items you will still want to load. In this example, only 6 out of 19 items were actually required (and this is on a fairly clean PC!).

If you are unsure of which filenames are safe to remove, please ask in our forum (link here). If your PC takes a long time to boot then you could notice a big improvement by cleaning up this list. As always, be sure to make a system restore point before making any changes, as this will allow you to revert the system quickly in the event of a problem.


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