Custom DPI Font Size In Windows 7


Sep 1, 2009
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There are three prefigured Font sizes in Windows 7 (100%, 125%, 150%) but there is also an option to make a custom Font size.

To Start click your Start button then click Control Panel and set to Small Icons or Large Icons

Now you will see the Fonts Icon

Click on the Fonts Icon and the Fonts Folder will open

Next click Change font size and the Display window opens, you will see the three preset Font sizes

Now click Set custom text size (DPI), within this window there are three ways to set Font size the first is a drop-down holding four size settings, Note to make text and on-screen items clearer in programs that aren't designed for high DPI tick the check box Use Windows XP style DPI scaling

The second you can type a three figure number in the box (from 101 to 500)

The third and last way you place your cursor on the measure slide and click & drag to increase or decrease the Font size

Also you will see a preview within this window of the Font size you are creating

When you are happy with your new Font size click OK and a window will open that shows your custom setting percent

Now click Apply

And in the next window you will be asked to Log off or Log off later, if you choose Log off later your custom Font will initialise when you next start your Computer.

All settings are reversible.


Oct 17, 2008
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Nice work on the article Veedaz, I'm sure this will come in handy :D

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