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Apr 8, 2012
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I used to have a bootable CD of Windows XP SP3 earlier but recently my younger brother broke it and I hadn't even created a backup of the CD. Although I use Windows 7 in my laptop, I have installed Windows XP SP3 in my PC which is used frequently and commonly by my family members for the sake of their convenience. Now I want to create a bootable CD from the installed OS in my PC. In Windows 7 it's very easy but I don't know the procedures in case of Windows XP. Guess it's kind of obsolete problem but I'm in a need of a bootable Windows XP disk and prefer not to download as internet services at my place, although, are fast but get disconnected frequently and make downloading hectic.
So if anybody could help me solve my query please feel free to lay your comments below...!



Post Quinquagenarian
Microsoft MVP
Apr 7, 2010
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Now I want to create a bootable CD from the installed OS in my PC.
Just get a good image making program - there a few ;) ;) to choose from. Acronis True Image and Norton Ghost are probably the most popular. Just make sure you do not use any image you create on any other computer than your PC as that would be illegal.

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