Check on System Restore's changes in Windows 7 before restoring


Sep 1, 2009
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System Restore has been around since the days of Windows Me, but before Windows 7, whenever you restored your system to an earlier configuration you could never be quite sure exactly what System Restore would undo. That’s because the restore point would undo all changes to your system since the restore point was made. Windows 7 now includes the ability to preview what changes will be made when you revert to a restore point, before you do it.

1. Click Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Restore.

2. Click Next. Select the restore point you want to revert to, then click Scan for affected programs, also you can choose other Restore Points by ticking show more restore points.

3. System Restore will scan your system for affected programs and a list of the programs and hardware drivers that will be affected by reverting to the restore point will be displayed.


4. Click Close after you have reviewed the changes, in the case shown i have none but you may have.

5. Click Next > Finish to apply the restore point.

Note : Restore system settings and previous versions of files has to be enabled in Restore Settings.

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