Cant uncheck my 2nd hard drive option when trying to create system image using ms backup

Dec 23, 2014
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I have 2 hard drives and drive C is boot and windows operating and a 2nd hard F where I keep all my games like steam. All of a sudden windows backup and imaging is saying drive C and F are system drives and I cannot uncheck drive F when making a system image of C. Image of both drives is 420 gig, unacceptable. There are no boot files on F, boot ini says C is boot drive, disk manager says c is system drive with boot paging is okay. Both drives are same are identical 1 teribite drives and independent of each other. This happened all of a sudden The last time I did a image backup was in may when I had to restore it. II still was able to image just c drive only. Did a software cause thisI

I have steam, uplay and origin game aps on F drive and I put all games on F drive . I did notice there was some game saved data on c drive but this never caused a problem ,.Otherwise computer works okay.

I know bought acronis 2015 to maube sole problem

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