Cannot Print From Windows Photo Viewer

Jul 30, 2012
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Im trying to print a file from .tiff. The only way the file will show all 122 pages is by using Windows Photo Viewer. Ive tried using photoshop, paint viewer and more. The file only open as one picture. but when i use the windows photo viewer all 122 pages open up . when i press print, the files load as if they are about to print. but the printer pages come out blank.

Yes i do have ink. Ive open paint and was able to print out one page at a time fine. But it will only print page 1 of 122 it will not print pages 2 or 3 etc. i tried to send one page at a time through windows photo viewer to the paint viewer. but it will only send page 1 of 122.

If someone can help that will be great. I'm using windows 7 and the printer is a 3 in 1 hp photo smart c309a series


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May 10, 2010
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I'm afraid I was not able to find an answer for you.

I suspect it is a memory issue and Photo Viewer simply cannot handle the size of your tiff file, while it appears photoshop and paint simply ignore the extra pages. I would recommend trying a smaller tiff file, maybe 5 pages, and see if Photo viewer can print from that; if it can this would tend to support the memory problem I suspect.

In my experience, PDF files are much more common than tiff files, so if it is possible to get the document in PDF form, there will be many more programs that can handle the paging and this might be your best option.

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