BSOD Registry error / page fault in non paged area

May 14, 2015
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Hi there, moved my pc to a relatives house today temporarily, was moving an HDMI cable onto my graphics card for a second monitor, all seemed to be well and then out of nowhere the BSOD appeared. I can now only run the computer in safe mode. As a precaution I purchased spy hunter on top of malware bytes to check it's not a viral issue and I was in fact infected with a lot of things malware bytes hadn't been able to detect. Deleted all of those and have since run another scan with spy hunter as well as with malware bytes, I can only assume it's a hardware issue of some sort?

I also downloaded blue screen view copied all of the errors and dumped them into a .txt file which I have attached. Can anyone assist me?

Thanks in advance,




all ball, no chain
Feb 13, 2009
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It's more likely to be a driver issue. Make sure your Windows is current on patches, and also has the latest version of the correct device driver for your graphics card.

As for SpyHunter, it is an application which is notorious for finding fake infections and then charging you to "remove" them. Run Microsoft Security Essentials as your antivirus solution and Malwarebytes for antimalware. Don't install anything else, as piling on additional AV solutions is a surefire way to create problems.

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