BSOD: New ThinkPad

Sep 28, 2014
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The BSOD generally occurs when I have either a flash program, like Grooveshark, playing while also having Netflix loaded but not running on another tab. Or when I'm simply running Netflix while cruising on another tab. (I have two displays)

Often it seems there is a conflict between Firefox and Chrome as I use both for different things, often at the same time. I generally also have Thunderbird running.

I just purchased this machine a month ago and updated all the Windows stuff through the Windows Updates, also loaded any of the updates the Lenovo extraware wanted me too. After the first couple of crashes I removed all the Lenovo stuff and it seemed to crash less frequently but still does. Probably crashes twice a day if I use it for 8+ hours.

I don't think I have any viruses as I'm pretty good about being cautious but I downloaded and ran Rkill, TDS and Maleware Bytes, though I already have Ad-aware and have used that often. Nothing resulted from the scans. I did not perform them in Safe Mode.

About 3 weeks ago after the first couple crashes, I went through the drivers one by and one updating them, out of the mass amount, only two or three updated.

I've also updated my profile Specs to reflect what Speccy provided, in addition have attached the requested zip files and SS per the info thread of the forum.

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