Any Good Movie Makers out there for .dvr-ms format?

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Steve Raymond Neel

I am not liking the Live Movie Maker that has to be download for Windows
7... The one that is in Vista is great, and using it to recode and burn a
DVD was flawless... in 7 when I ask it to burn a DVD, it just sits there and
does nothing... I can save it to a standard format...



Roland Schweiger

Pinnacle Studio (Ver. 12) is a good (however commercial) alternative.
But this ver. works well with Win7.
Roland Schweiger

Steve Raymond Neel

Ok, for some reason, when a show is recorded in WMC with Windows 7, it
records it in .wtv format... afterward you can convert that file to .dvr-ms
by right clicking the file and selecting "convert to .dvr-ms format". Then
send it over to the Live Movie Maker, Edit it (which I think the edit format
sucks) and then burn it to DVD... the problem I'm seeing so far is that it
only give you the option on the "Burn DVD" is Widescreen format. Anyway I
found the answer by just playing around with it, and I hope this helps out
anybody else. Good Day!!!




Check places like
On Black Friday I bought it for $69.99 with a $70 rebate!
You will need a competing product to get the full rebate, however.

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