Movie Maker & Video Properties inaccurate?

Oct 30, 2012
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I download video files in various formats [flv, MP4 & WMV mostly]
Edit them in Windows Movie Maker [WMM] as wlmp project files
Convert the edited files into finished WMV format videos using the standard choices available in WMM

But sometimes the finished result has audio-sync problems even though the source file is in sync

The problem is that WMM doesn't correctly identify the fps of the source video & there's no option that I can see to tell WMM to use the source video settings

I have to set up custom settings in WMM to get around this, but...
The video properties for some formats don't display in the properties dialog [flv] or for some files the fps shown is incorrect [e.g 29.00 & 29.97 fps both show in properties as 29fps]

Thus I'm forced to experiment with the setting for fps until I get the right one

Q1] Is this a well known problem?

Q2] Is there a free "Video Reader" that can give me the correct properties of my source video files? [including if it's a variable or fixed bit rate]

Q3] There's a very nice free video converter called "Freemake Video Converter" that has a setting to convert source files using the original file settings, but it also doesn't notice that [for example] a certain file is 25fps & it insists on converting it to 29 or 30 or something. Any recommendations for a free video converter that doesn't have this problem


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