A Special Thanks to Nibiru2012!


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Nov 13, 2009
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In the installation, setup and update threads, Nibiru2012 posted the links to four Windows 7 OS downloads. I downloaded Windows 7 Pro, bought a legal key on eBay for $20, and my five year old laptop (a Dell Latitude D610) is now up and running Windows 7 Pro. Setup was less than a hour, including updating. I was shocked at the time it took. The only feature that I don't have is the Aero visual effects. But I knew it was going to be that way beforehand. It brought an old XP system back to life. So if there are any of you that has a older system that the upgrade advisor says won't run Windows 7, think again. There are lots of people on eBay and Amazon selling keys at low prices. The one requirement is that the system has a way to play DVD's. CD's won't get it. I'm running 2GB RAM on the laptop and Windows 7 runs circles around XP on a system designed for XP. I believe that you need at least 1GB RAM, but I heard of one instance of a 512MB running it. I wouldn't try to go that low. Thanks for your post, Nibiru2012!



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Oct 27, 2009
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Thanks for the kudos catilley1092! It's truly appreciated.

I hope those links will be of help to others who want to download them for backup purposes, etc.

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