Your only an admin the 2nd time.

Nov 27, 2013
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So I recently been unable to uninstall some malware that got onto my computer and it seems I can't run installers with a simple double click or rightclick+run as admin any more...

It all throws up various errors related to admin permissions.
I've found what does work shift+right clicking and using "run as different user" and logging in as my self. (now with password since it won't accept my self without a password)

While browsing installer permissions TSO/adminstrator has full access while TSO/User has read&execute only...

How do I go about giving my self permissions again globally and hopefully uninstall the malware finally?

(virus scanned computer already browser already has blocked the programs access and websites only suggestion left is straight uninstall to complete it's removal... so other then this weird permissions switch my computer should be clean...)


Mar 8, 2009
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Start Windows in Safe Mode and use a system restore point. While in Safe Mode, scan for Mal-ware.

I've had symptoms like this myself on a few occasions and a System Restore Point has always helped. But Safe Mode is the only place where you can execute them, under conditions such as what you are experiencing here.

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