x64 Slow Resume From Sleep

Feb 19, 2010
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I have been trying to find a solution to this problem on a number of forums, but I haven't had much luck.

Recently, my computer has been very slow to resume from S3 sleep. Specifications of my desktop can be found here: www.techcomet.com/p/my-gadgets.html.

I updated my BIOS and this may have caused the problem, however I updated to a more recent "beta" version and it is still taking a fairly long time.

Before, I would hit the power button and my desktop would resume in a couple of seconds. Now, on average, it takes about 30s.

I have tried disabling ALL running applications and pulling out all my peripherals (external HD, keyboard, mouse, etc.) and it still takes a long time.

I recently re-installed Windows 7 and it is still taking about 30s.

I have a feeling that the problem is either with the BIOS or some drivers. However, as far as I know everything on my computer is up to date.

Any suggestions?


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