Windows updates no longer working

Apr 26, 2015
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Win 7 Pro N w/ SP1 added

I didn't document as I went, but to my recollection this is most of what I've tried.

2 main issues – Windows updates no longer work (error #80073712) and I cannot turn on/off Windows features – the window is blank

After cloning my Hard drive as a safety net (and working off the clone) I have
· SFC /ScanNow does not work. When I try it in a “repair windows” environment, it responds with that a repair is already in progress. Reboot and try again. I do – same message
· Tried “upgrading” Win 7 with
· Windows 7 Ultimate (not an upgrade path)
· Windows 7 Pro (the installed version was newer)
· Original Win7 Pro N disk (the installed version was newer)
· Windows 7 Pro N with SP1 disk – (not an upgrade path)
· Found a Windows “self-repair” tool for Updates. Did not fix issue
· Tried un-installing SP1 – Installed updates is empty. (that may be my fault for cleaning up disk space and un-installing the uninstall folders)

· Reinstalling SP1 returns “System error prevented SP from installing. Please download and run “check for system update readiness” (KB947821 Oct 2014) Which looks like it will download and install one update at a time – which MAY help in the long run, but not likely.

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