Windows 7 Updates in one lump

Apr 20, 2015
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Firstly My apologies if there is a 'Lump Updater' out there somewhere.

Is there a bunch of updates you can install when you reinstall the O/S to your computer. I re-install my operating system more than other computer owners as I download films and other stuff from one of those places where 'Jolly Rogers' hang out and now and again a trogen slips into the download and causes a problem.

Its solely my own fault and no one else is to blame. But at 72 it sometimes difficult to purchase films and other bits of software that I need to boost traffic to my affiliate websites.

Its irritating when the computer resets its self after installing updates from Microsoft right in the middle of writing an email or an article. It would be much better to install all the updates (to the present date) in one go after you've installed the operating system than to let Microsoft install them at random.

Thanks a lot.

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