Windows installer stuck on expanding windows files 0%

Sep 10, 2014
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This seems to be common-ish problem but since there are only two possible fixes what I could try and Google could find, Ill try new thread.

I tried to install Windows 7 (clean install), but after installer has been "copied windows files", it got stuck on "expanding windows files" on 0%. I've waited now over-night so I don't think its just being slow.

Is there any logfile what I can inspect or other way to debug this problem? I just want to see some nice status messages like it does on Ubuntu :(

Things I have tried so far:
  • First I tried install it using dvd, but when that failed I tried usb stick installer (since I just used my last empty disc ...) with 2 different sticks -> still not working
  • I also downloaded that .iso again from msdnaa/dreamspark, but that was no different
  • Since Google found lots of posts where suggested trying without another stick of ram, I also tried that -> no different
edit: version I'm trying to install is Windows 7 Professional x64


Mar 1, 2012
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I would suggest that you run a check on your hard disk.

chkdsk (Check Disk) needs to be run on a restart so that the whole disk can be checked.

  1. Click on the Start button and type in cmd.
  2. In the list you will see cmd.exe.
  3. Right click on Cmd.exe and select "Run as Administrator"
  4. Type in the following chkdsk /r /f (See the image below)

  1. Type in Y and press enter.
  2. Reboot your computer. On the restart chkdsk will check the hard disk for errors.
  3. There will be an event logged.

Event Viewer
  1. Press the Windows Key + R and type in eventvwr
  2. In Event Viewer click on Windows Logs -> Application.
  3. Right click on "Application" and select "Find"
  4. Type in "chkdsk" (without the quotes)
  5. When it finds the event, right click on the event and select Copy -> "Copy Details as Text" and paste it to the forum.

Then let us know what kind of hardware you have

  1. Download hwInfo and run it.
    • Click on "Save Report"
    • Make sure the Export Format is HTML
    • Click "Browse" and select your "Desktop"
    • Give the file a name like MyComputer or your Forum username.
    • Click on Save
    • Click on "Next".
    • Click on "Finish"
    • Put the newly created MyComputer.html (Or what ever you decided to call it) in to a zip file and upload it to the forum.
Any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

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