Windows 7 slow to boot

Apr 7, 2010
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I open my Fujitsu laptop and i chose Run windows in normal mode or something like that.I press enter, it takes like 1 minute to pass by the "Welcome" (which is a lot, before it was faster) and I get to the desktop that is empty and I cannot use the down bar with start and all of that.

Still, in safe mode I can use the laptop but in normal it gives me that stupid problem.

Please tell me how to resolve this problem because I have valuable data on that laptop and I cannot loose it.



Oct 17, 2008
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Welcome to the forums :)

First of all, if you have valuable data on the laptop, back it up ASAP! ;) USB sticks are a cheap and easy way of doing this as long as you don't have huge amounts of data (if so, external HDDs are a good idea).

It sounds like you've got something loading on startup that is causing the problem (as Safe Mode works ok).

Have you run an Anti-Virus & Anti-Malware scan on your system?

If you don't have any AV software, try MBAM ( and either MSE ( or Avira (

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